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pergolas melbourne
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pergolas victoria
pergolas melbourne

The good old pergola just keeps getting better at Apollo Patios

From time to time we get asked: “what is the difference between a patio and a pergola” .. I’m glad you asked, we respond. Generally speaking a pergola is an open framed construction, similar to a patio but often doesn’t have a solid fixed roofing.

A pergola can consist of just posts and simple framework to provide a structured space to enjoy or work under. It can have a more interlaced framework either for decoration or for growing vines over and if required can have some make shift cover. 

Pergola’s can be used to grow vines which create a shady space to sit under in summer. When the vine leaves fall in winter it allows the sunshine in while still maintaining a sense of cosiness.

If you are looking to build a pergola in Melbourne or regional Victoria then you also need to consider your lifestyle and the frequent changes in the weather.

Understanding your family lifestyle and requirements is important when making a decision. If you only intend to use the space occasionally then a pergola would satisfy your needs. Families looking to use their outdoor space through-out the year for entertaining and family events should consider an Apollo All Weather Patio.

You maybe unsure about how to get started, we get it. That’s why we created the Design Meeting, to take all the stress & guess work out of the picture, no matter what stage you are at. Book Yours Today!

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