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Paving the New Way with The Apollo Online Design Meeting

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21 Feb 2022
Apollo Patios

Paving the New Way with The Apollo Online Design Meeting

In these changing times, now more than ever the comfort, safety & enjoyment of our homes, all year round has never been more important to Victorians. The Apollo Patios team continues its mission of adding to client property value and bringing home lifestyle dreams to life. Over the past 5 years we have been perfecting our Face-to-Face Online Design Meeting. The resulting client and project benefits have superseded all expectations. Learn how …

Is the Old Onsite Measure & Quote past it’s due date?

Did you know that 60% of Patios, Patio-Pergolas, Glass rooms, and Carports are pulled down and replaced? Many find themselves stuck with a result that is poorly designed and constructed. More often than not the old “onsite measure and quote” is the culprit. It is easy for people to overlook key details, with the old “measure and quote” that can come back to haunt you later. After listening to thousands of clients we have developed the Apollo Online Design Meeting to avoid the costly mistakes sometimes caused by the old “onsite measure and quote.”

The Apollo Online Design Meeting

Well before any notion of lockdowns, we have been working on innovative ways bring our Design Team expertise straight to our clients, without delays associated with initial onsite appointments. We have found the most streamlined method of understanding our clients’ properties with all the instant information that is available on the internet and in combination with our online design portal. With a few clicks you can be face to face, online with our Design Team members who are ready to meet you and other decision makers, at time that suits best. The Apollo Online Design Meeting is relaxed, interactive, and as simple as watching TV.

How does the Apollo Online Design Meeting Work?

After receiving your enquiry, and then having a brief chat so see if we are a good match for your goals.

  • We then allocate 90 minutes for you of our Designer time for your project.
  • Prior to the Online Design Meeting, your Designer will prepare by researching your property details through our online design portal and by accessing information available online. We will get an exact understanding of your property characteristics and boundary dimensions.

Apollo Low Rate Easy Payments
Apollo Low Rate Easy Payments

  • Your Designer setup a drawing of your space so that you can meet in that drawing to discuss the area, and what you want to achieve in the area.
  • If you’ve never met anybody online before, relax. We will do it all for you. All you need is an email address and the internet. With one click you will be face to face, online ready to see your patio dream come alive. It’s simple, interactive and puts you in control.

What outcomes can you expect from your Online Design Meeting?

It is the highest priority for our Design team to listen carefully to your design ideas and what you want to achieve in the space. You can expect the following:

  • As part of your personal lifestyle drawing, we will add your anticipated furnishing items (seating, cooking, lighting, cooling/heating etc.) into the drawing. This will enable us to envisage how you will use the space once your design is complete.

  • We will address, how the design will work with your existing home and contribute to property value. Also, how will the design address your long-term goals and current needs.
  • Our Design will consider your All-year-round living needs. How do you expect to use the space all year round? This includes wind and rain management.
  • Subject to design complexity, we will generally be able to give you a preliminary design and a clear idea of where the dollars may land.
  • If required, we can touch on finance options and then put you in-touch with our specialist.
  • The primary outcome is to create the best design for your lifestyle goals to bring value to your property.

Why clients love the benefits of the Apollo Online Design Meeting?

Clients are enjoying the advantages and value of the Apollo Online Design Meeting. Below is a summary of the key benefits they have expressed:

  • Meeting online during the pandemic provides safety, comfort, and peace of mind.
  • The Apollo Online Design Meeting is fun, relaxed, interactive, and is as simple as watching TV.
  • Clients have learned a lot about their design needs when providing some simple measurements and photos for our designers to work with.
  • Clients feel re-assured that we will only be using those initial measurements for a preliminary design to provide costings.
  • Rest assured, every project then will undergo an important site visit from our Project Verifier to check every measurement onsite, under the strictest of Covid compliance. Apollo Patios take responsibilities for all measurements.
  • The Apollo Online Design Meeting is the best way to avoid the costly mistakes caused by the old “onsite measure and quote.”
  • When it comes to costings, clients appreciate our assurance, accuracy, and quick turnaround.
  • Not having to wait for someone to come to your house and then start the process from scratch.
  • Client are enjoying meeting the Apollo Designers and experiencing the human touch of a committed team that will care for your project.

Whether you are considering an Apollo All-Weather Patio or a Apollo Patio-Pergola, the “old measure and quote” just doesn’t cut it anymore. The Apollo Online Design Meeting is the best way to avoid costly mistakes. Ready to learn more? Schedule your Apollo Online Design Meeting, or call 1300 886 443 today!

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