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Introducing the Apollo All Weather Patio

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25 Jun 2018
Apollo Patios

Introducing the Apollo All Weather Patio

It’s mid-winter and you may think that means it is not the right time to upgrade your outdoor living lifestyle with a new patio. If so, you are in for a big surprise! The Apollo All-Weather can provide your home with both a functional, yet luxurious place to spend time outdoors all year.

You can now have the luxury of an open decking area that you can use all year-round.

Apollo Patios Victoria are proud to announce launch (patent-pending) of The Apollo All Weather Patio. Being the first of its kind, the Apollo All Weather Patio provides the warmth of an enclosed sunroom in winter and the enjoyment of an open patio in summer, all at an affordable price.
Imagine having your dream outdoor living area that can add value to your home as well as provide a multi-functional space for use all year round use. No more washed out BBQs or anxious weather worries when planning the kid’s next birthday.

How can you enjoy a patio all year round?

Enjoying your patio all year round is now possible thanks to the crystal clear polyvinyl infills. These flexible walls offer the visibility and comfort of glass at a fraction of the cost. They last for years and come with a warranty of 15 years. Rain, hail or shine – the Apollo All Weather Patio will keep the party going.

How much do these patios cost?

The cost of an Apollo All Weather Patio will depend on your individual needs. Apollo Patios Victoria can design and install your home patio with the assistance of a low rate, easy payments option. Also for a limited time, to celebrate the launch of the Apollo All Weather Patio, we invite you to take up our early bird rewards offer.

Here are some pics of Victorian customers that are enjoying their Apollo All Weather Patio, rain, hail or shine.

apollo all weather before

apollo all weather patio after

apollo all weather patio

To complete your dream home, enquire about an Apollo All Weather Patio or sunroom, pergola or decking; Call us on 1300 886 443 or complete our online form and we will call you.

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