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Get your very own Apollo All Weather Patio for Less than $100 per week!*

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10 Aug 2021
Apollo Patios

Get your very own Apollo All Weather Patio for Less than $100 per week!*

You deserve to love the way you live

The Apollo Patios team has a mission of providing every client a memorable customer experience, and helping to bring their home improvement dreams to life. Some of our projects have been valued around $5,000 and others much more. It doesn’t matter if your patio dream is small or large, for us it’s about getting the details right. Firstly, we work through a custom design solution and costing for you. Then together we discuss the responsible payment options that are customised to “what works for you”. When that conversation goes to what amount per week is workable, we are often talking about sums like $53 – $56 per week. That can make all the difference when comes to starting your patio dream, from today.

Payment options based on what works for you

Without a doubt the most important part of the process is to get the design right. We want to make sure that the design delivers on the new home-lifestyle you have been dreaming of. Once we have got the design sorted, it’s the perfect time to work out the best way to pay. Some folks have a little saved up and are interested in finance options that can bridge the gap. While for others financing the whole project is the best way to go. There is no universal right or wrong option here.

What’s so good about Apollo Low-Rate Easy Payments?

This personal loan facility is proudly offered to our customers through our partnership with Our Money Market (OMM), a CANSTAR 5-Star award winner. In conjunction with Apollo Patios, OMM offers you the peace of mind that you are protected under the National Credit Code and the Finance Complaints Authority. We always put your rights as the consumer first. Compared to a typical bank rate for a personal loan, we can save you anywhere between 3-5%. Subject to circumstances, interest rates can potentially start from 6.29% at the lowest*.

Apollo Low Rate Easy Payments

Advantages of Apollo’s Low-Rate Easy Payments

Apollo Patios only offers responsible lending payment options that are customised to “what works for you”, The great news is:

  • We can save you anywhere between 3 – 5% cheaper on interest rate and will beat any other formal offer you have received for a personal loan.
  • Applications for Pre-approval will not affect your credit rating if you have been unsuccessful for the application
  • Having the accessibility of paying this off as early as you would like, with no early repayment fee and no monthly account keeping fee.

Creative finance options that customers have bought to the table

In keeping with our mantra of supporting responsible lending payment options that are customised to “what works for you”. Over the past 30 years customers have bought a variety of customised payment ideas to the table Some of the methods below are obvious, while other are creative. These ideas might inspire you and help your dream become a reality earlier than you think.

Your Own Savings

Invest your savings into an Apollo All Weather, which will grow your property and lifestyle value.

Bank of Mum & Dad Loan

Borrowing from family or friends, is a great option for some.

Lump Sum Payments

Inheritance: a process which involves the passing on of a material property from one generation to another usually within the family.

Tax return: most commonly occurs when you pay more tax during the year than you actually owe.

Ndis (national disability insurance scheme): funded by the government, designed to help the disabled and provide support. There is no set amount of funding one will receive, just depends on the individual needs and circumstances in which one can request funding for ‘reasonable’ and ‘necessary’ support and service.

Government funded: this can be relation to commercial building/properties such as school, sporting fields, playgrounds/parks etc. This is a grant provided by the Victorian government for government owned housing or landmarks.


Some customers prefer to take out a percentage of their super for the project. ATO (Australian taxation office) allows access to all super if one is retired and reached the preservation age of 65, withdrawal will be tax free.


You can lodge a full deposit to get the ball moving with permits and site verification. You can have the rest of the project on hold for the next 18 months at no price increase. In some circumstances Apollo Patios is happy to hold the job price increase for only $1,000 deposit.

Mortgagee Finance

Utilizing the equity in their existing property is the preferred way to go for some customers. You can re-borrow and pay higher repayments on the borrowing so there is no need to extend the length of the loan just increase the re-payment. In general terms this can be a good time for some customers to re-negotiate on their home loan, due to the very low interest rate.

Did you know you can get your own Apollo All Weather Patio for less than $100 per week?

Check out these outstanding examples of what can be achieved the Apollo Low-Rate Easy Payments for as low as $53 and $56 per week.*

Get your very own Apollo All Weather Patio for Less than $100 per week!

“Just get your design done and have a go at the pre-approval, it’s easy, doesn’t cost anything and you have nothing to lose.”

Sarah, Geelong

Next Steps:

Ready to get your obligation free Pre-Approval? Click below,

Obligation free Pre-Approval

Or, to get additional information we invite you have a conversation with one of our financial service experts by calling 1300 886 443 today.

Whether you are transforming your existing patio/alfresco into an Apollo All Weather Patio or building from scratch – In these changing times, you too deserve to enjoy your Patio all year round, irrespective of Victoria’s unpredictable weather. If you need a little more style inspiration – check out our Gallery & Testimonials to see some of our amazing before and after transformations.

Terms and Conditions

*Apollo Low Rate Easy Payments. Apollo Patios Vic offers financing through our finance partner, OurMoneyMarket (ph 1300 990 115). No deposit finance available, with terms up to 7 years at rates from 7.99% p.a. (Comparison Rate of 8.33% p.a. – based on $31,000 over 5 years). A one-off fee from $250 applies upon approval. All finance is subject to OurMoneyMarket’s standard credit process and criteria. OurMoneyMarket Lending Pty Ltd ABN 64 605 231 669 holds Australian Credit Licence number 488228. #based on a rate of 7.99% p.a. (Comparison Rate of 8.33% p.a. – based on $31,000 over 5 years). **based on a rates of 7.99% p.a. (Comparison Rate of 8.33% p.a. – based on $15,000 over 5 years). ***based on a rate of 7.99% p.a. (Comparison Rate of 8.33% p.a. – based on $12,000 over 5 years). ****based on a rate of 7.99% p.a. (Comparison Rate of 8.33% p.a. – based on $31,000 over 5 years). Apollo Duraseen paint finish with 15year warranty. Photos included or presented are indicative only. Apollo home additions are individually designed and may vary from photos. APA1046_VIC

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