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Home Additions: Costly mistakes you cannot afford to make

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04 Jul 2018
Apollo Patios

Home Additions: Costly mistakes you cannot afford to make

Did you know that 60% of home additions such as patios, glass rooms, screen rooms, carports and decks are pulled down and replaced?

When it comes to your home addition, there are costly mistakes that you can’t afford to make:

  1. The outdoor area (patio, deck etc.) looks like an add-on.
    When designing a patio, ensure it blends with the existing style of the home to maintain or increase the value of the property. Damaging the aesthetic of the area could decrease the overall value of your home. So watch out!
  2. Negative impact on the home.
    Adding a poorly selected patio, glass door, decking area etc. could make your home too cold, or too hot if planned incorrectly. For example, it may alter the amount of sunlight entering your home, making it too warm in the summer or blocking sunlight in the winter. This can decrease the comfortable temperature in a home and increase your energy bills if you need to increase your air-conditioning or heating requirements.
  3. Incorrect advice about building approvals and permits.
    Without applicable permits a governing body has the authority to force you to remove your addition. It can also make reselling your property harder.  Apollo Patios Victoria can help take the stress out of building permit applications.
  4. Using an unlicensed or unqualified builder.
    Sometimes it might be tempting to go with the cheap tradie your friend knows, but be careful. Using an unskilled or unlicensed builder can have consequences like leaks, cracks, instability and an inferior result; not to mention a lack of warranty, guarantees and consumer protections. Ensure your investments (and your family!) are protected by contracting an experienced, licensed and trustworthy patio installer.
  5. Your installer or builder is no longer in business to honour a warranty.
    Work with a builder, or company, with years, if not decades or experience behind them. Then you can feel assured that if something goes a-miss, you are protected.  Apollo Patios Victoria has over 25 years of experience, so you can rest assured that your new home addition is in safe hands.

For more information download our complete free guide: 7 alarming & costly mistakes of home additions.

To complete your home-outdoor living dream, enquire today about the Apollo All Weather Patio, by call us 1300 886 443 or completing the online form.

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