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Choosing the Right Decking & Deck Builder can make all the difference!

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30 Jul 2020
Apollo Patios

Choosing the Right Decking & Deck Builder can make all the difference!

There’s nothing quite like having family and friends over for a bevy and barbie. The sun is shining, the beers are cold… That’s the Aussie way we love and cherish so much.

One of the most impressive ways to enhance your home entertaining space is with the addition of a beautiful outdoor deck. A deck will allow you to extend your existing floorplan with minimal fuss, giving you and your family more living space to enjoy.

What to consider?

Decking is so much more than just a simple ‘add-on’. It is about enhancing your home lifestyle and adding a quality addition that adds value to your home.

If you’ve spent any time Googling ‘Deck Builders’ you’ve probably noticed the slew of options available when it comes to building an outdoor decking.You might be thinking to yourself: “But aren’t decks expensive?” or “Who’s got the time for the maintenance?”Timber, steel, composite, tiling, the list of possibilities is almost endless. But where do you start when all you can see is a blank patch of grass? That’s where the Apollo Patios team comes in.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or you have a pile of magazine clippings for inspiration, our experienced team can guide you every step of the way towards building the deck of your dreams.
If you want to find out how you can get all the benefits of a stunning outdoor decking – without any of the expensive headaches, then read on.

The Under Structure

First things first – you’ll need to start with your foundation. Historically, this started with a concrete slab. But these days, it is more common to build up off the ground with a timber or steel under structure.

Not only does this result in much more contemporary look, it also prevents movement and therefore your deck wont warp or deteriorate over time.

There is one clear winner – a built-up, steel under-structure is your best option. A steel under structure is extremely strong and will virtually last forever.

Inside Tip: We’ve recently heard whispers through the industry that hint at changes with Victorian building regulations regarding timber decking under structures. The process may become more stringent and require ongoing inspection every 2 years – no such potential issue with a steel under-structure!


The flooring material you choose for your deck is the most important element of them all. Not only does it present the general aesthetic of the space, but it’s also the part that needs to be able to handle all the wear and tear as well. Essentially, there are 3 options when it comes to your flooring.

They are:

1. Timber Decks

The look and feel of natural timber is a traditional favourite for some. The reality is that there is fair bit of up-keep. Not all of us have the time and expertise for the level of maintenance required for a natural timber deck. Sanding, staining, painting…. Year in – year out. It never ends. Keeping your natural timber deck looking and feeling like it should; is not for the faint of heart. If you’ve got better things to do than to spend your weekends maintaining your deck, then there are some fantastic alternative options available that will give you the same look and feel without the splinters.

2. Composite Decks

Composite Decking is generally made from a combination of recycled plastics and wood fibres. Not only is it considered a more environmentally sustainable option, it is much more hard-wearing and requires much less maintenance than natural timbers.

That said, many composite materials inherit their own set own set of challenges. As anyone who’s learned this the hard way will tell you – composite decks still do stain – particularly if you drop oily food on them (Oh yes, you can still see the crab salad Nanna dropped last Christmas!).

3. The Apollo Difference – Apollo Outdoor Flooring – The best of both Worlds

Our Apollo Patios Decks are built with our very own exclusive Apollo Outdoor Flooring. It provides all the beauty of natural timber with all the best attributes of composite decking. Unlike natural timber, our decks don’t splinter or warp in the elements. They have a completely modern and seamless look with hidden screws and fixtures.

Apollo Outdoor flooring is UV stabilised, it is resistant to rot and insect infestation. Other than the occasional sweep or hose-down, your decking will be virtually maintenance-free – meaning the only time you’ll need to spend out there is doing what you love.

Bonus Tip: You can even utilise the raised, steel under structure to create a handy outdoor storage area.

The Finishing Touch

At Apollo Patios we offer a huge range of options, designs and finishes for your outdoor decking with a variety of balustrade styles available to suit your design.Whichever style you choose, rest assured our quality workmanship and exclusive products will stand the test of time. Backed up the Apollo Patios national brand, and durable finishes that resist peeling, cracking, or chipping.

What to expect:

  • Free design consultation
  • Large variety of styles & designs
  • Standard plans & council applications included
  • Apollo Durasheen® paint coat finish with 15-year warranty
  • An Apollo Deck represents a quality finish and value for money you never thought possible.


HINT: If you are looking for an all year-round solution the family will love, check out the Apollo All Weather Patio.

Apollo Patios has built a proud reputation for the design and installation of the highest quality decking that exceed customer’s expectations. If you’re looking for an experienced, high-quality deck builder in Victoria, get in touch with us today to arrange your FREE Design Meeting.

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