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Avoiding the 7 Alarming Mistakes of Home Additions will Save You Big Money

avoiding the 7 alarming mistakes of home additions will save you big money Apollo Patios Design Meeting
29 Jan 2021
Apollo Patios

Avoiding the 7 Alarming Mistakes of Home Additions will Save You Big Money

Did you know that 60% of patios, decks, glass & screen enclosures & carports are pulled down and replaced?

For most of us, the family home is our greatest investment, and any new significant home addition must add value to that investment. Unfortunately many folks find themselves stuck with a result that is poorly designed and constructed. Mostly due the builder’s lack of expertise and care; low quality or unsuitable materials are used and the dream quickly turns into a nightmare.

As a result the owner ends up with a home addition that is not fit for purpose, does not suit the property or meet their home lifestyle needs. In these situations, the structure becomes a liability rather than an asset and therefore creates risk & anxiety, especially for any future home sale.

The heart-breaking part is that all of these costly mistakes can be avoided if you select the right company that will care for your project.

The old “measure and quote” is done!

The important key details that are overlooked during the old “measure and quote” can come back to haunt you later. After listening to thousands of customers we have developed the Apollo Patios Design Meeting to avoid the 7 Alarming and Costly Mistakes.

Instead we come to you and in the comfort of your home, together we consider:

  • What do you want to achieve and how will you be using the space?
  • How it will be furnished (seating, cooking, lighting, cooling/heating etc.)?
  • How it will work with your existing home and contribute to its value?
  • How to incorporate long term goals with current needs?
  • All year-round comfort living, taking into consideration lifestyle and weather.
  • Correct materials for the floor, roof, walls, privacy and outlook.

Just in the nick-of-time

In a recent example Sue from Central Victoria had a building envelope that we detected by asking for the site plan. Sue had several quotes from other companies, but no other company discussed how this would cause challenges with permits. Apollo Patios was the first to investigate the site prior to taking a deposit. We saved Sue time and money, and we looked into alternative options before applying for permits.

In another example Mike from South East Victoria was about to move forward with insulated panels suggested by another builder. Upon consulting Apollo Patios, we identified that insulated panels could leave the area damp from rising frosts in the mornings due the nuances of his property and region. This would be especially a problem in the cooler months when there wouldn’t be warmth to dry the moisture out. Upon completing an Apollo Patios Design Meeting, Mike avoided a very costly mistake.

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