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All You Need to Know About The Apollo All Weather Patio Screens

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04 Oct 2019
Apollo Patios

All You Need to Know About The Apollo All-Weather Patio Screens

Since it’s launch in 2018, the Apollo All Weather Patio (AAWP) has taken the industry by storm. So much so that the Apollo Patios, manufacturing plant in Melbourne, has had to increase production to meet popular demand. The stars of the AAWP are the Apollo All-Weather Patio Screens. Today we are going to take a deep dive into what makes them unlike anything else on the market.

Victorian’s love out-door living and creating priceless memories while enjoying their prized Patios. Unfortunately for most, their Pergola-Patio is a no-go zone during the colder months. In the years gone by some have tried to battle the elements with outdoor mesh or PVC café / bistro blinds. These types of blinds do have their purpose in certain situations. But when it comes to all-year-round living, unfortunately PVC cafe blinds, mesh blinds and bistro blinds fall short.

The Apollo All Weather Patio Screens don’t come with the following drawbacks associated with PVC cafe blinds, Mesh blinds and Bistro Blinds:

  • Shaking during high winds, causing damage & impacting aesthetics
  • Wear and tear scuffing and creasing from rolling up and down
  • Expansion and contraction of the PVC during warm and cold weather
  • Longevity and maintenance issues
ApolloBlog All You Need to know about Patio Screens
ApolloBlog All You Need to know about Patio Screens

Let’s take a closer look at unique features:

Screen Materials

  • The Apollo All-Weather Patio Screens are made from Crystal Clear and Dimensionally Stable Polyvinyl.
  • They are customised to suit your existing outdoor area, in a variety of configurations including; bi folding & multi stacker sliding.
  • In addition to Dimensionally Stable Polyvinyl, other screen infill options include mesh and hard wall.
  • Protection panels can be installed full (top to bottom) to create feature walls.
  • A full panel feature wall can be slated.
  • OPTION: Marine Grade polished PVC can go into the doors instead of poly-infill, benefit is it is scratch resistant and like glass.
  • OPTION: You can also have the option of a fully bug-proof Apollo All-Weather Patio screens.
  • Shade screen for keeping out sun and glare, keeps out 95% cold and breeze are available.
  • Protection panel at the bottom is available. Reduces clean, protects against wear and tear of pets, shoes, moving furniture and grime.

Doors & Frames

  • Unlike blinds, keeping the doors closed keeps your area clean from dust, dirt and leaves.
  • They are visually appealing
  • The frame is twice as thick as metal equivalent; this enables greater rigidity during harsh conditions
  • Architectural design and finished to the frame
  • Easy to operate in super high winds.


  • The Tracking system (top) allows for individual track door so that they are stackable. This enables you to have a full open patio.
  • Includes stainless steel wheels and sealed bearings purpose built for outdoor use.
  • The Tracking system (bottom); has no floor tracking. The tracks are hidden in the door
  • The PINS are Stainless Steel and lockable. You can operate them from a standing position. No bending, and suitable for strong winds
  • Apollo Patio’s unique tracking system is backed by a lifetime guarantee. The system will never rust, seize or corrode; even in the unpredictable Melbourne and Victorian  weather.

The Apollo All Weather Patio Screens are exclusively designed and manufactured in our Melbourne facility; they have become the market leader in home-outdoor enclosures.

Victorian’s agree that enjoying your Patio when-ever you want, is a choice you deserve. If you truly want something that is practical and suitable for all weather conditions, look no further! To find out more about the Apollo All Weather Patio Screens, feel free to browse our gallery and customer reviews.

If you are ready to have a chat; schedule your Design Meeting today, or call 1300 886 443 today!

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