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8 Ways The Apollo All Weather Patio Will Transform Your Home Lifestyle

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15 Oct 2020
Apollo Patios

8 Ways The Apollo All Weather Patio will Transform Your Home Lifestyle

Australians love out-door living and creating priceless memories with family and friends. Unfortunately for most, especially Victorians, their open Patio or Alfresco are a no-go zone during certain times of the year. Enter the Apollo All Weather Patio, a true game changer that will transfer your home lifestyle in 8 ways.

Let’s check them out:

1. If entertaining at home all year round is your thing, no matter what the occasion you have come to the right place.
2. Create an additional and fully functional & liveable space that can include:
  • a second kitchen / cooking / BBQ area
  • TV / movie / sports / audio entertainment
  • safety and comfort for pets
  • plants and ornaments
  • spa or pool integration
3. Your own personal sanctuary. Everybody deserves a space where they can get away from the daily grind, any time of the day or year.
4. “What’s the weather going to be like?” Is no longer a factor! Remember that special occasion that had to be moved indoors when the unexpected rain and wind crashed the party? Rain, hail or shine – the Apollo All Weather Patio will keep the party going. Enjoy peace of mind that your family gathering won’t be interrupted by bad weather anymore.
5. Enjoying your patio any time you want is a choice you deserve
  • close and warm up your patio during the colder months
  • lounge around in a fully open alfresco during the warmer months
  • effortlessly open and close your patio in seconds
  • enjoy some down time after a long day at work, all year round
  • enjoy a snack or cuppa while watching the footy or your favourite movie
  • flexibility to enjoy the great outdoors in comfort, anytime you want
6. Adding value and equity to your home. It’s great to know that you have made the right decision for your family’s future.
7. The kids will love you for it. Every day becomes an outdoor adventure for the family, and you can rest assured the kids are safe at your house and having fun.
8. Creating a special place to connect. The gift of creating memorable moments with family and friends in your own tranquil space, will last forever.

Whether you are transforming your existing patio / alfresco into an Apollo All Weather Patio or building from scratch – Home is where the heart is! If you need a little more style inspiration – check out our Gallery & Testimonials to see some of our amazing before and after transformations.

Ready to have a chat? Click here to schedule your Design Meeting, or call 1300 886 443 today!

We look forward to helping make your home a safe, enjoyable, and healthy place where you can love the way you live, with the ones that matter the most.

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