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3 Steps to Designing the Perfect Patio to Handle Victoria's Weather

3 steps to designing the perfect patio to handle victorias weather all year round
12 Apr 2021
Apollo Patios

3 Steps to Designing the Perfect Patio for Victoria

Victorian’s love out-door living and creating priceless memories with the ones that matter most. Unfortunately for many Victorians, their Pergola or open Patio is a no-go zone during the Melbourne’s colder months. You wouldn’t use your living room for only 6 months a year, so why would you settle for anything less for your outdoor living area? At this point you may be asking what is the best way to design and build a Patio that the whole family can enjoy all year round? Let’s take a look at the 3 critical steps to designing the perfect Patio to handle Victoria’s weather, all-year round – that no one else will tell you.

1. The best Patio roof option for Melbourne’s unpredictable weather

Your ability to enjoy your Patio all-year round will be impacted by your roofing choice. In addition to personal look & feel preferences, the function of the roof is mostly about coverage, light and temperature management. There is a false belief that plastic on the roof is a good idea because it will solve the lighting and shade requirements for:

  • The Patio area
  • The adjacent rooms in the house
  • Summer and winter
  • Daytime and night-time

Not so fast, there are many mistakes that can be made simply by using plastic in the roof.

Polycarbonate roof sheets requires an under-structure. Birds and spiders simple love under structure roofs. You on the other hand may not get so much joy from all the cleaning and maintenance (including timber maintenance). Equally important:

  • The Patio will be unbearably hot
  • The polycarbonate roof sheets won’t last.
Light Refractors
Similar with light refractors, they simply don’t last like the rest of the roofing materials. After a period of time they will wear, discolour and look grubby when dirty. In addition, they are very expensive to repair and replace.

The best choice for Melbourne’s unpredictable weather is an Apollo Patios Durasheen Roof – the clean look that everybody loves.

The Apollo Patios Durasheen Roof makes light and heat management a breeze. When designing a roof that suites Victorian weather, we consider 3 light sources as part of our custom design:

  • Direct sunshine
  • Ambient reflected light – in the shade or inside
  • Electrically generated light


When it comes to getting light in the Patio;

  • The underside of the roof sheeting is highly reflective. This will get your patio nice and bright, while keeping it cool. It can also help reflect light back into the house.
  • The winter sun comes in at an approx…45 degree. We can get sunshine and light in under the roof if we are facing north.
  • When required we can mount up lighters that reflect off the underside of the sheeting.


2. Concrete Slab or Deck? What’s best for Melbourne’s unpredictable weather?

Let’s start with understanding what’s there now

If it’s not much, like grass, dirt or old pavers, then we need to decide on a new deck or concrete slab.

Is there an existing deck?

  • If it’s in bad nick, it may need to need to be replaced.
  • The deck maybe in good condition…but
  • Is it the right size for your new build and lifestyle goals?
    – Can it support the wind uplift or weight bearing requirements of a new Patio roof?
    – Taking the above into account, we may consider building the roof over the existing deck into independent footings.

Is there an existing concrete slab?

  • If it’s in bad nick, it may need to need to be replaced.
  • The slab maybe in good condition…but
    – is it the right size for your new build and lifestyle goals?

A timber deck vs the Apollo Outdoor Flooring System vs a concrete slab.

A timber deck, in the traditional sense is often believed to be a great solution that will not cause any future challenges.  The above is often believed by those that have never owned a deck before.  Those that have owned a deck before and seen these problems may not realise they are solvable.

The 1st step is to ask do we need a deck in the first place or will pouring a concrete slab (which can be a lower cost option) do the trick? When do we need a deck and when can we use a concrete slab?

In short, if the land has a slope greater than 400ml (approximate), then a deck will be required, otherwise a concrete slab is a great option. Concrete slabs are great when you are low to the ground. At bare minimum, a concrete slab needs a minimum of 100mm availability. For a Patio it’s best to have 500mm set sown from the floor level. A qualified designer will talk you through the most effective solutions.

Timber deck under structure – The invisible disasters to avoid

You can almost bank on that eventually the under structure of all timber decks will be impacted by at least one of these factors:

  • Rotting (including treated pine)
  • Warping & cracking
  • Mold & fungus
  • Termites & borers



What about the top of the deck? – Visible disasters due to limitations of timber

  • Warping & cracking
  • Rotting
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Colour fades over time
  • Termites
  • Limited lifespan

The Top of the Deck? Visible Disasters To Avoid


Composite Flooring – We can do better with the latest tech

Over the past decade or so composite flooring wasn’t a bad option for some folks. You certainly got a nice and sturdy looking deck with some longevity. Eventually composite flooring will be impacted from the same limitations of timber, including:

  • It is prone to staining
  • It can warp
  • Has a tendency to splinter
  • It can NOT be restored

composite flooring 1 1


The Apollo Outdoor Flooring System – The perfect solution to handle the Victorian weather, year in, year out.

The Apollo Outdoor Flooring System eliminates all the problems associated with timber decking and composite flooring.

The under structure is made of steel

  • No deterioration
  • No warping & cracking
  • No mold & fungus
  • No termite issues
  • Built to last

the blinds trap exposed

The top of The Apollo Outdoor Flooring System is built to last

  • Nonslip surface
  • Instant heat loss
  • The gaps between the decking boards interlock and channel the water to the perimeter of the deck – under the deck will be dry
  • Storage under a deck is now possible
  • The Apollo Outdoor Flooring System can be used over a carport



3. The Sides or Walls will make all the difference?

As a result of the volatility of Melbourne and Victorian weather, without the right solution when adding sides or walls, you could end up NOT being able to use your patio for a whole 6 months of the year. There is no denying it, you can’t keep the cold, wind and rain out of an open Patio. A roof will not keep the floor dry especially when rain is coming in on an angle.

You wouldn’t be happy with using your living room for only 6 months a year, so why would you settle for anything less for your outdoor living area? When it comes to Patio sides or wall options, let’s take a look at the good, bad and the ugly.


rain from sides most floor wet


The Blinds trap exposed.

In short, even the highest quality and most expensive blinds will fail in high winds. They are simply not fit for that purpose. In years gone by Victorians have tried to battle the elements with outdoor mesh and PVC café/bistro blinds. When it comes to all-year-round living, unfortunately PVC cafe blinds, mesh blinds and bistro blinds fall short. They won’t tell you about the baggage associated with PVC cafe blinds, mesh blinds and bistro blinds, such as:

  • Shaking during high winds causing them to look aged and “weathered” in no time
  • Wear and tear, scuffing and creasing from routine rolling up and down
  • Expansion and contraction of the PVC during warm and cold weather
  • Longevity and maintenance issues causing cracking and discolouration

the blinds trap exposed


The Apollo Patios All Weather Patio System – a true lifestyle changer when it comes to all-year-round outdoor living… without any of the baggage associated with blinds and glass.

Remember that special occasion that had to be moved indoors when the unexpected rain and wind crashed the party? Whether you’re building from scratch or upgrading an existing Patio, alfresco or pergola – the Apollo All Weather Patio Screens can be customised to suit your existing space in a variety of configurations. Our screens are made from crystal clear and dimensionally stable polyvinyl.


The Apollo All Weather Patio System is perfect for:

Adapting to your changing lifestyle

  • The flexibility of The Apollo All Weather Patio Screens means you can adapt your usage to handle Melbourne’s unpredictable weather.
  • Entertaining all-year round.
  • Relaxing in your own sanctuary after a busy day, any time of the day or year.
  • Keeping out the cold, rain and wind means you have the flexibility of enjoy the space how, and when you want.

Putting you in control

Many of us are spending more time at home – working and socialising virtually with friends and family. Today, having an all-year-round functional outdoor area is more important than ever.

  • Close and warm up your Patio during the colder months
  • Enjoy a relaxing and fully open Patio during the warmer months
  • Open and close your patio with no fuss and effort
  • Upgrades available for bug protection

Good looks, great value

  • The Apollo All Weather Patio Screens combine style and durability that create a modern and defining addition to any home.
  • They will transform your Patio into a space the whole family can enjoy all-year round, while also adding huge value and equity to your home.
The Apollo All Weather Patio Screening System is exclusively designed and manufactured in our Melbourne facility; the system has become the market leader in home-outdoor sides and walls.



Glass: Are you sure you want it for your Patio?

For the right application glass is a great option – but it comes with compromises. If you are okay with sacrificing the outdoor Patio feel, and prefer an additional glass sunroom to the house, then glass could be for you. With a glass sunroom the windows and doors may open but the doors will still have a floor trip track. With a glass sunroom you will get a fully enclosed room, but not a Patio and don’t forget to step over the trip track…ouch..

rain from sides most floor wet


So, there you have it! 3 Steps to Designing the Perfect Patio to handle Victoria’s Weather, All-year round. Victorians agree that enjoying their Patio when-ever they want, is a choice they deserve. You too deserve to enjoy your Patio all year round, irrespective of Victoria’s or Melbourne’s unpredictable weather. If you truly want something that is practical and suitable for all weather conditions, look no further! To find out more about the Apollo All Weather Patio Screens, feel free to browse our gallery and customer reviews. Or, if you ready to have a chat? Click here to schedule your Design Meeting, or call 1300 886 443 today!

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