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Pergola for Vines

A pergola is a structure which is designed to create a cool and shaded area beneath the pergola which can be used for recreation.

A pergola is an open framed construction, similar to a patio but without solid roofing.

A pergola can consist of just posts and simple framework to provide a structured space to sit or work under, or it can have more interlaced framework either for decoration or for growing vines over.

More often a pergola is used to grow vines over to create a shady space to sit under in summer, while in winter when the vines leaves fall it can let in the Winter sun while still providing a sense of cosiness underneath. Used in such a way it can also often also be referred to as an Arbor or Arbour.


Pergola with Shadecloth

Instead of growing vines to create shade a pergola can also have slats across the top. By angling the slats just right for your particular site they can greatly minimise summer sun and heat, while also allowing in warming winter sun.

To do this properly you need experience in the area the pergola is to be built.

Apollo Patios Melbourne has built Pergolas all over Victoria and has tailored each one to the exact requirements of the particular site. To get the best result for your Pergola, one size does NOT fit all.

The advantage of a pergola is that it allows a more natural flow of air, while creating a peaceful sense of space.

Pergola Designs: The disadvantage of a pergola is that it provides no real protection from rain and the elements.

The word “pergola” comes from the Latin pergula , a term which refers to projecting eaves. The earliest pergolas in Europe were made by extending eaves and supporting them with columns to create a shaded colonnade, or series of posts/columns.

Over time, people began to explore the use of pergolas as standalone structures on walkways and in pleasure gardens.

When a pergola is a partially enclosed standalone structure, it becomes a gazebo, a structure which typically provides more shelter from the elements.

Having a pergola often increases the sale value of a home, especially if the pergola is in good condition with a well-established network of vines.

While resale value shouldn’t be a primary concern for most gardeners, sometimes it can be used as a persuasive argument to get other members of the household enthusiastic about a constructive project.

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